CITIZINS is a Ghanaian-American self taught graphic designer and artist raised in both South London and Northern Virginia. His art is inspired by Africa’s global conscience, casually displays the continent’s heartbeat in every image. His potent images show the beauty of Africa, along with his bold concepts that offer an interesting perception of American popular culture, while still leaving much to the imagination. Being a child of  first generation African immigrants, his West African roots have such a strong presence in each one of his paintings, while still merging with the experience of being Black in  American. Exploring everything from Hip-Hop, Reggae, Ancient Egyptian art, Asante Adinkra symbols. His diverse cultural background contributes greatly to his artwork.You can often find CITIZINS live painting and showcasing his work at show across Washington DC and New York City.
Take some time and browse through sample projects created as part for various clients. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback. 
To place a custom order, simply email or visit with the details of what you would like.  Whether that be something that you see on this site/tumblr, or an original idea you have had, I can (probably) make it happen for you.
Turnaround is generally about 2-3 weeks from the time payment is received for hats/shirts and 2-4 weeks for paintings, depending on size or detail.  These time frames are approximations, and are not concrete.  If you need your product by a certain date please email me.  As a side note, I always require full payment up front.  Payments are generally made via PayPal, but cash or money order can be accepted as well.
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